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Pre Employment Skills Test

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Unfortunately, we don't have a crystal ball to predict the future !

Hiring or promoting people who are unsuitable costs time, money, lost production, and maybe even current or potential customers.  

Carefully developed and administered employment tests can provide organizations with a way to determine what job candidates have the ability to perform well on the job or will be able to learn from training programs.
Tests can also benefit individuals who are better matched to positions for which they are suited and in which they will want to remain.

The Society for Industrials and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) provides answers to the following questions and detailed guidance concerning testing.

  • What is an employment test ?
  • When do employment tests make sense ?
  • What are the types of employment tests ?
  • and more....

A good quick summary of Employment Testing is presented in an article on Forbes by Lisa Quest.

While Job Seekers will find my Accounting & Bookkeeping Skills Tests beneficial Emplorers may also find them useful.  Accounting & Bookkeeping Skills Tests

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